Hello, Today I will talk about a very interesting ICO project. We will discuss how ZIXX passes our following review.


ZIXX is a premium third-generation masternode electronic. By standard, it provides secure, instant and private transactions. Benefits include high rewards, charity projects, low coin offering, low emission rates and full time staff. ZIXX will provide solutions to investors, anytime, anywhere and with shared masternode, you can start investing 10 ZIXX, You do not need to earn thousands of money to start making money. and ready, in the months following the project will break all the barriers.

Zixx masternode has many benefits not only for its members but also for the society. Some of the services provided by Zixx masternode aside make secure and instant transactions:

Percentage increase of XZX Holders

One of the things that has increased the value of bitcoin over the years is that most of the cryptopreneurs are holding it as a property and have limited its supply to some members of the crypto community. It is based on this same concept that Zixx Masternode will work. As a marketing strategy to penetrate exchange platforms with significant value, Zixx’s Masternode Network provides loyal members a large percentage of the tokens they own. This will motivate the network members not to engage in any form of panic selling and thereby increase the value of the XZX coin over time.

This will go a long way in helping to maintain the value of the XZX currency against volatility. With this system, I appeal to all potential investors to invest in Zixx’s Masternode Network.

Reward system for miners

Operators in the Zixx node network will receive a large reward of about 10% of the total XZX Token Supply. Just like the honeycomb network, where hunters find food and store them in their beehives and the queen and the king all work together to increase their Zixx masternode ecosystem to reward loyal miners. Its with five coins when locating each block in the blockchain.

Simple and basic user interface

UI is one of the basic features that each development team has to offer its members for easy and efficient performance. Unfortunately, most masternode platforms on the board are not. has the best user interface when it comes to simplicity. Do not forget that this network will include some people who have different knowledge about how the masternode network works.

Also look no further than Zixx Masternode Network when it comes to creating the best user interface of a simple user in the interface for members, it’s easy to understand how to use and interact on the platform. The development team has done the necessary research and has assembled a basic user interface with clear and well-defined definitions to help members understand its foundation.

Assign buttons for charity purposes

We live in a society where some lucky people have a good life but others are also for a variety of reasons that I do not want to give my readers away from life in engaging situations. severe. Many charities and backgrounds have helped in the best ways so that they can help privileged individuals in our society.

The Zixx Masternode Network will also contribute in the form of a charity for the society that members on the platform will approve. The care of the Zixx Masternode for the poor in our society is so overwhelming that the team has designated some parts of its node to create funds to support their charitable activities. Members will have the opportunity to launch any charity projects they have identified and, once approved by the Zixx Masternode Network in the form of a vote, that contribution will be made over all. Members of the Masternode Znx Network.



Unlike conventional currency trends, the ciphers applied to coins keep their owners from experiencing the same risk.

Can act as a global currency

Although each country has its own money, the coin still exists and goes into it. Coins do not know the national boundaries, do not fluctuate due to political conditions in government, and are not affected by anything.

As a defender of inflation

Like gold, coins are thought to act as a protection value of inflation. Coins can prevent excessive inflation.


Coin is a new form of community savings applied to a system that does not cause trouble. In addition to saving coins, all the usual financial intermediaries in the bank can be eliminated. Owners do not need to pay service fees and registration.


  • Masternode continually communicates with other nodes, creating a hierarchical network.
  • Provide increased security transactions.
  • Immediate transaction.
  • Join the administration and vote.
  • Allow budget and treasury systems.

Roadmap of the project

Week 1 – May 2018: Pre-Release + Ad

  • Starts Anakin Bot + Invites Bounty Launches
  • Anakin Wallet (Windows, Mac, Linux) Launch Wallet + Auction 1
  • Stage 1 Money Issue + Auction 2
  • Stage 2 Pre-sale currency + Auction 3
  • Stage 3 Currencies + Auction 4
  • Stage 4 Currencies for Money + Auctions 5
  • Masternode ranking site ranking

Week 2 – May 2018: Launch Boba Fett Bot + Wallet V2

  • Ad + Stage 1 ad
  • Cryptobridge List

Q3 2018: Cryptopia list

  • On June 28, Zixx has appeared live on Cryptopia, the famous cryptography exchange in New Zealand.
  • Fiat Gateway
  • Sooner or later you can buy and sell Zixx with the Euro. Direct Euro / XZX and XZX / Euro pairs.
  • Bonus campaign expanded
  • The Zixx campaign on social media platforms, including Bitcoin.
  • Zixx Web Platform (beta launch)
  • This is a hub for coding / masternode enthusiasts. Zixx supports all transactions. Scheduled features include:
  • Masternode shared multi-currency automated service,
  • Masternode reviews, ratings and information

Q4 2018: Combination

  • Zixx and its charity, Zixx Foundation have registered as companies.
  • Whitepaper published
  • Bitfine list
  • Pending approval, Zixx trades on Bitfineon electronic money exchange.
  • Eudaemon (beta launch)
  • A blockchain application that supports performing verified actions to easily install, track, upgrade, and repair masternodes.
  • Charity administration turned on
  • Masternode holders may vote for charity projects funded by community members.
  • Bots cross platform
  • Launch Reddit and Telegram Bots (beta)

Token details

  • Symbol: XZX
  • Type of coin: POS / Masternode
  • Maximum supply: 22 million VND
  • Coin emissions: About 100,000 coins per month
  • Block time: 2 minutes / block
  • Decrease volume: 10% to 1 XZX / block
  • Masternode Mortgage: 1,000 XZX


Website: https://www.zixx.org/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZixxCrypto/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZixxCrypto

ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3573842.0

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2094911

ETH: 0xBF9C897a5267301FFC07629e00D3961DA495aAf8

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