Mixin ICO Review | Project Introduction

Modern technology is developing at an astounding rate. Some of them show rapid and unbelievable growth, others stop in development during the testing phase. One of the most successful can be considered Mixin.

Features of the idea

The system is a buffer between different tokens. The service allows you to make the operation of cryptocurrency as simple and clear as possible. To manage your e-wallet it will be enough to use the phone.

By entering the pin code of the device, customers will get access to their funds. The application will be loaded for the most popular systems by the user. Enough to download and install on your own gadget.

With the help of the system, it is possible to receive and send money transfers with one hand movement The platform is absolutely safe, protected from hacking capabilities with reliable, modern technologies. Another advantage is the high speed of manipulation. Funds are credited in just a few seconds.


The service is a large-scale network for encrypting electronic media. The platform is equipped with electronic contact recognition, which makes the process simpler. The system is compatible with the most effective platforms, works with the most popular tokens. For identification, use the phone number and pin code to it.

The developers have reserved the right to add functionality if it is interesting to users. To analyze the interest, the team’s own token platform is used to enable the use of the full functionality of the service. The service is not equipped with the possibility of mining.

All reserved tokens are divided into two parts. The first is to pay for the services of platform workers. The rest will be freely implemented.

Doubts about the prospects of the project are caused by the lack of an action plan. Developers do not give forecasts, development plans, and timelines for entering the market in full. The developers do not give any guarantees regarding the prospects for the development of the system. This policy deters potential investors.

Some hope gives the experience of developers. The team is represented by experienced professionals who have a very confident reputation in the modern IT market.


The projects developed by these specialists were distinguished by serious commercial success. It is their presence of specialists of this level that makes it possible to speak with confidence about the commercial success of the idea. The idea has a high level of potential interest of users to the product.

The lack of information may be due to the involvement of specialists who deserve high confidence. It is enough to analyze their earlier successes to make sure that they are not accepted for dubious developments.

Links to project:

Bitcointalk name: mgsv4xx
Bitcointalk profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2164446
Eth wallet: 0x89E62aa20b938693b039F98c2F8A8b8E7Ba4950E

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