LaneAxis ICO Review

The global transportation industry needs to be transformed by building and optimizing the Shipper-to-Carrier network, supported by blockchain platforms and smart contracts.

About LaneAxis ICO

LaneAxis is a project to create distribution networks for suppliers powered by smart blockchain contracts. Once the platform is operational, it will create cost-effective efficiency for the industry and create business model growth through freight logistics.

With this network, users will not have to go through the tedious process of transferring products from one area to another. Its blockchain will allow shippers and service providers to automate many key processes.

As a result, service providers and shippers do not have to worry about third-party providers charging a lot for their services. These suppliers include: third-party logistics groups, freight forwarders and freight brokers tend to charge 30% to cover the shipping process.

What does LaneAxis solve?

One of the biggest problems in the transportation industry is that transportation takes time. For example, sending the product to different international locations may take two to three weeks. Sometimes this can take longer due to delays and problems between the two parties.

Lane Axis solves this problem by using smart contracts. A smart contract is executed when both parties agree to ship a certain product. Then, blockchain stores and inspects important documents and cargo movement data. This includes insurance certificates, commercial driver’s licenses and registration numbers issued by the Ministry of Transportation.

To provide more transaction incentives, Lane Axis will use AXIS token users to participate in their platform. The main advantage of using a token is the reduction of operating costs, system authentication and fair trust.

LaneAxis Highlights

  • Shippers and service providers will be able to connect directly to one another rather than to a third party.
  • The application of blockchain technology will allow the shipper to manage and track transactions in the supply chain transported in the digital process.
  • The LineAxis platform will create its own digital token and build its own chain of blocks platform for transactions in the LineAxis ecosystem.
  • The LineAxis platform implements the latest technologies that will minimize costs and increase the efficiency of all channels in the supply chain.

Details of LaneAxis ICO and AXIS Token

LaneAxis offers a total of 500 million AXIS chips. LaneAxis has finalized its private sale and is currently in the pre-sale phase. The distribution of the chips is as follows:


  • 25% for pre-sale
  • 20% for the sale of the auction
  • 17% for the reserve fund
  • 15% for private sale
  • 10% for the logistics community
  • 10% for the project team
  • 3% for the bonus program

ICO Information

  •  Token symbol:   AXIS
  • Total chip offer: 500 million chips
  • Price: 1 AX = 0.12 USD
  • Bounty: Yes
  • Platform: Ethereum, ERC20
  • Accept contributions: BTC, ETH, LTC
  • Flexible cap: 2,000,000 AXIS
  • Rigid cap: 300,000,000 AXIS
  • Pre-sale: 20.06.2018 to 20.09.2018 (1 AXIS price = 0.06 USD)
  • Official ICO: 20.09.2018 to 21.12.2018 (1 AXIS = 0.08 – 0.12 USD)
  •  Country: Cayman Island

Project Development Team

LaneAxis is led by CEO   Rick Burnett  , who has extensive knowledge of mobile technology, blockchain technology and his experience in trucking and logistics. LaneAxis. Rick has spent 15 years researching and developing a mobile platform that provides real-time tracking and data analysis for all freight movements. Optimal platform design directly from the carrier to the full US patent holder in March 2018.

In addition, the project has the participation of a team of professionals with experience in all fields.





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ETH: 0xBF9C897a5267301FFC07629e00D3961DA495aAf8

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