ANON Review – Coin from Anonymus

What the developers say about their coin:

-Anonymous Bitcoin is an ambitious project, our main goal is to provide a cryptographic exchange environment that allows seamless, very private, secure, and “anonymous” transactions. Anonymous Bitcoin is not the first on the market. This allowed us to analyze both the successes and failures of previous projects. Ultimately, our team seeks to eliminate the mistakes of our predecessors, reduce barriers to entry and provide a truly Anonymous Bitcoin with additional features that will inspire the community and contribute to a truly solid economy.

We chose the ticker ANON – this reflects our spirit and reminds our participants of the highest truth that transactions are truly Anonymous.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have evolved significantly over the past few years. Bitcoin (BTC) was the first real “brand” and has since captured the hearts and minds of all crypto enthusiasts. Nevertheless, the BTC basic technology has existed for ten years already, and disputes have arisen in the community about its relevance and specific utility. Bitcoin has high commissions, slow transaction speeds, centralized production points and the lack of privacy features that have created forking capabilities such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Private (BTCP).

Unfortunately, the previous forks did not meet expectations, and here ANON will try to look better than others. We plan to achieve broad market coverage, support for exchanges, results, strong community and team professionalism. The “anonymous team” carefully monitors each step of the previous forks of both BTC and ZCL; we understand their mistakes. Where others have failed in their attempts to fork, ANON will succeed.

The superiority of ANON is the use of zk-SNARKs, the privacy technology of ZCL, created by MIT for anonymous transactions. By connecting the zk-SNARKs technology to the “main nodes” (Masternodes), ANON will create a hybrid between PoW and PoS, contributing and allowing to award both miners and owners of the “main nodes” (Masternodes) for their contribution to the network. To maintain the “main node” (Masternode) in the ANON network, a deposit of 500 coins is required. The block remuneration distribution will be 65% for miners and 35% for main-nodes (Masternodes). ”

A detailed report (The whitepaper), an “unexpected” adviser and more detailed information about the project (Roadmap) will be available on the website until June 1, 2018. Currently, the site is available to the public, where you can get acquainted with the team, see social sources and other information about the project.

Announcing support from the stock exchanges long before the day of the snapshot and having the means to pay for the development team’s work a year ahead from the moment of the snapshot, Anon will provide the opportunity for the coin owners to exchange and use it.

Analyzing past forks and their mistakes, the Anonymous Bitcoin team developed a technologically oriented roadmap, a transparent development process, in addition to creating the necessary network, platform and positive market attitude towards Anon.

We are All – ANON team!

I still can’t turn off the farm, there are so many interesting things about mining)

Anonymus launch their ANON coin on Equihash 144.5 algorithm

Anonymous Bitcoin is a fork of Zclassic and Bitcoin.

Mine ANON in the near future will be possible on with the help of the EWBF miner. The
purse can be taken on the Cryptopia exchange .
In the future, the service will also work for anonymous

Telegram: ANON – Official Community
Official website:
Summary: https: //www.anonymousbitcoin .io / executive_summary

Bitcoitalk: mgsv4xx

Bitcoitalk url:;u=2164446

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